5: Hogs Running Wild in Arkansas

In the latest SEC 411 podcast, we took a look at the Arkansas Razorbacks. Our guest was Sharp "Tusk" Williams of www.hogdb.com and Hog fan extraordinaire.

Sharp began by recapping the 2014 Razorback season. They went 7-6 and he thought that met expectations, and the defense took another step forward. There were some frustrating setbacks, but it appeared that the Hogs improved over the course of the season and set themselves up nicely to take a another step forward in 2015.

They are loaded at running back and the O line is as large as any in football at ANY level. They must find wide receivers that can stretch the field and enhance the vertical passing game.

Sharp was pleased with the progress the Hogs are making under Bret Bielema but is not ready to declare them 'there' just yet. The hope is that new offensive coaches can help them become more balanced and diversify play-calling to take some pressure off the stout running game. Hog fans hope the Williams and Collins running back duo can resemble the glory years of McFadden and Jones.

Sharp also shared that an 8 win season would be a fair expectation for the upcoming 2015 season. He was not ready to cast them in a dark horse role to win the SEC West at this point in Bielema's tenure.

The podcast concluded with a discussion on the 'rushing the field or court problem' that read its ugly head again last night after Kansas State upset the Kansas Jayhawks on the hardwood.

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