66: Jimbo Fisher Doesn't Need the LSU Job

Bird (@Autull) and Seth (@SethMerenbloom) were joined by Damien Bowman (@damienbowman) and we provided all of the answers to your college football questions...sort of. Butch Jones appears to be over his head at Tennessee and his recent press conferences show a coach who is cracking. LSU still has a job opening and appears to be going all in on Jimbo Fisher. Fisher doesn't need the SEC and is best served staying put in the ACC. And this is Rivalry Week in college football and that means the Iron Bowl is on tap. 


  • Butch Jones is in over his head
  • Alabama should win the Iron Bowl
  • Jimbo Fisher does not need LSU
  • What is wrong with Texas?
  • Notre Dame gets slapped on the wrist


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