73: Is Butch Jones Underrated, Overrated, Or Just Right?

Welcome to our game of musical chairs! Seth (@SethMerenbloom) is back and Bird is out. Not to worry. We still had fun as Kristen Botica (@KristenBotica) joined us.

The out spoken coaches of the SEC are not in favor of an early signing period. That is something that Kristen agrees with. Seth, on the other hand, is more supportive of an early signing period. It would certainly help teams like his Missouri Tigers out on the recruiting trail.

Seth has been preaching about the need for college athletics to disband from colleges and become semi-pro vocational environments. And now Don Yee is proposing just that with his Pacific Pro Football. Make it happen Mr. Yee.

Kristen roots for any number of teams; Florida, Tennessee, Notre Dame. But it seems she's settled down and is a one woman team. The Vols have her full attention so she was the perfect person to weigh in on whether or not Butch Jones is underrated.

And it wouldn't be a podcast with Seth without a few tangents.


  • Early Signing Period
  • Pacific Pro Football
  • Is Butch Jones Underrated


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