74: Ed Orgeron is Building a Wall - Will He Make Texas Pay For It?

Chase Holik (@chaseholik88) joined the show and his timing was perfect. Chase is a Texas Longhorn fan and we're all well aware of the turf war that Ed Orgeron and LSU is waging against Tom Herman and Texas. It seems that Orgeron wants to keep all of those local, 3-star, satellite camp players for himself. Orgeron is building a wall around Louisiana. I'm not sure if Texas has to pay for it though.

Do you like controversy? If so, Tennessee has it! No, we're not talking about Butch Jones this time. We're talking about the turf war that is slowly taking place in Knoxville. John Currie is the new AD. Some people in power wanted Currie. Others wanted Phil Fulmer. And now Fulmer has been hired as a special consultant to the Tennessee president. Did we mention that when Currie was Assistant AD at Tennessee that he may have helped get Fulmer fired?

To wrap things up, we talked about Missouri and its local media. Marcel Frazier has made himself unavailable to the local media. Great. No big deal. Other players have done so in the past. But its his reason why that has people talking. Jeremiah Tilmon, one of the many star basketball recruits at Missouri, was pulled over and cited for being a minor in possession. And guess what? The local media reported on it. Frazier interpreted that as the local media being out to get the program.


  • LSU is shutting Texas out of Lousiana
  • Phil Fulmer has a new gig at Tennessee
  • Marcel Frazier is off-limits to the local Columbia, MO media


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