8: SEC Basketball Collecting Coaches

Seth (@SMerenbloom) and Bird (@Autull) sat down to talk about a busy week in basketball for the SEC. Kentucky is rolling through the tournament, Mississippi St made a big hire and Alabama is testing the deep end of the coaching pool.

Both Bird and Seth love the hiring of Ben Howland for Mississippi St. Mississippi St. appears to be using their SEC bank account with full confidence. As for Alabama, well they fired Anthony Grant after giving him a silent vote of confidence heading into the SEC tournament. Was that due to a poor showing or because they believe they can land Greg Marshall?

Seth then got rolling with what all of this means to his Missouri Tigers. Head Coach Kim Anderson, you know, the True Son, was hired around this time last year. Could the Tigers have had Howland? Could they have had Marshall if they wanted him bad enough?

It's an exciting time in the SEC, not only for football but for basketball as well. With the hiring of Howland, the conference can now boast three coaches with Final Four and championship pedigree. And just imagine if Marshall is added to the mix.

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