9: Will The Real UT Please Stand Up

In today's podcast, hosts Seth Merenbloom (@smerenbloom) and Bird LeCroy (@Autull) talk all things basketball orange with Tennessee alum and expert, Mike Loveall (@Mikel_LWOS). Conspicuously absent was Campus Pressbox Tennessee beat writer, Hollis Oliver McCain (@HollisOliverIII). This prompted Bird to coin a potential country/folk song title, "The Ghost of Hollis Oliver McClain lll."

Think Dylan would consider it? Nah!!! he writes his own stuff.

But yes! Mike handled #VolNation matters beautifully with great insight into the firing of Donnie Tyndall and the hiring of Rick Barnes from the burnt orange nation of the University of Texas.

Now was it Austin or Arlington? This too was touched upon lightly.

All participants were of the mindset that Tennessee will succeed under Barnes, but to what degree?

Will they win? Will they dance? Will they stake a claim in Memphis?

Join us NOW with answers to these, and other bright orange questions, on the @_SEC411!

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