CFB Roundtable #37: Alabama vs Missouri: Can Alabama Tame Another Team of Tigers?

Seth Merenbloom (@smerenbloom) and Bird LeCroy (@Autull) discuss the Auburn/Alabama game.

  • What Auburn did successfully at Alabama and if there is a recipe for success there for the Missouri Tigers.
  • Mizzou should be able to pass on the Alabama secondary.
  • Tigers need to have a solid day rushing, but doesn't need to be extraordinary.
  • Can Alabama protect Sims? Alabama offensive line impresses me more than the heralded Arkansas line.
  • Can Tiger defensive line get in the face of Sims and force turnovers?
  • If Tiger defense is effective against the Alabama running backs, can Sims beat the Tigers with his arm?

Also discussed playoff implications for each team. All Alabama has to do is win and they are in. If Tigers win, playoffs are still a long shot but would also be a big step for the program as it would be their first conference championship since 1969. If Alabama loses, we think they only fall to number 4 and are still in the playoffs.

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