28: No Objective Truth in College Football

Mike Wilson (@pigskinopinion) is joined by renowned ESPN/Grantland/Rolling Stone writer and author Michael Weinreb (@MichaelWeinreb) to discuss the coaching disaster for the USC Trojans, the resurgence of Stanford and California, whether Oregon’s Mark Helfrich is in trouble, and who Michael Weinreb’s four playoff teams would be right now.


  • USC: Possible new coaches; Does Pat Haden need to be fired?
  • Stanford: Thoughts about UCLA performance; David Shaw: Is he there long term?
  • Stanford: Christian McCaffrey, how good is he? Heisman?
  • California: How good are they? Jared Goff: Best quarterback in the country?
  • Oregon: Is Mark Helfrich in trouble? Expectations unreasonable?
  • Michael Weinreb’s four playoff teams

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