14: Rookies, Wild Cards, and the Fun Division

Two rookies, Aaron Judge and Cody Bellinger, have taken over their respective leagues. Hear Mitch Gatzke explain why what we're watching from these two is so historic. It's been five years of two Wild Card teams in each league. How have those teams done? Quite well, actually. Mitch lays out his reasons why this change is the best baseball has had since free agency. The Milwaukee Brewers are a game and a half up on the Cubs. How can they keep the defending champs at a distance? Mitch says the key is not thinking about it. And finally, the details on why the NL West is clearly the best, and most fun division in baseball.


  • Pair of Rookies on Historic Pace
  • Addition of the Second Wild Card
  • Advice for the Brew Crew
  • NL West: Best, Most Fun Division in Baseball


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