3: Captain America and the Country Strong Keepers

Adam Jones is making it hard for us not to use a super cheesy nickname. Hear why host Mitch Gatzke (@GreatGatzke) thinks we've already seen the catch of the year. Last week, Mitch submitted his list of four keepers for his fantasy baseball team. He provides some background on the unique league he is a part of and reveals the first four members of his 2017 Country Strong squad. Then, the World Baseball Classic is drawing to a close this week with big matchups in the championship round. Listen to what Mitch thinks will be the difference in the USA-Japan showdown. Finally, 16 facts and stats that might help you as you prepare for your own fantasy draft.


  • Adam Jones' Catch
  • Country Strong Keepers
  • USA vs. Japan Preview
  • 16 Facts / Stats from 2016