8: My Apologies to Ryan Zimmerman

Host Mitch Gatzke (@GreatGatzke) goes around the league on a busy week in baseball. The Orioles and Red Sox got into a little scuffle over the weekend. Mitch says there's reall nothing to see here... yet. The Rockies have taken hold of first place in the NL West. How did they do it and how long can they keep it up? Then, Mitch would like to offer a sincere apology to a man he severely misjudged on the season preview show. Ryan Zimmerman is tearing the cover off the ball of late and it's opened up the Nationals' offense. Lastly, with so many series to focus on, Mitch takes a stroll through some of the more important matchups this week with some news, notes, and other things to watch for.


  • Machado and Pedroia Dust-up
  • Rockies on top of the NL West... for how long?
  • Apology to Ryan Zimmerman
  • On Deck this Week in Baseball


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