9: One Month Checkup

One sixth of the baseball season is in the books and host Mitch Gatzke (@GreatGatzke) is here to take a look back at the most important things to come out of April. A hitter and a pitcher are highlighted for their stellar starts. All-Star Game balloting has started and Mitch has his own rundown of who's worthy. There were three teams that failed to win 10 games in the first month of play. Mitch takes a look at what exactly their issues are. And, in a rare turn of events, the National League had a higher slugging percentage in April than the American League. Mitch details what that could mean moving forward.


  • Hitter and Pitcher of the Month
  • Ducks on the Pod 2017 ASG Ballot v.1.0
  • Giants, Blue Jays, Royals Struggles
  • NL out-slugging the AL


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