3: It's Free

Dan and Damien talk all about Apple's second Fall announcement and get into their hopes and desires for Christmas gifts.

  • Apple iPad Event
  • OSX Mavericks (FREE), iWork updated and collaborative (FREE), iLife updated (FREE)
  • MacPro reveal, $2999 base price
  • MacBook Pro refresh: New, thinner 13” Retina ($1299), 15” Retina updates (or lack of) ($1999), 13” cMBP survives at $1199.
  • iPad Air reveal
  • Retina iPad Mini (Same pixels as iPad Air, smaller screen. Both get A7 64bit processor)
  • Surface Pro 2
  • What new piece of tech do we want for Christmas and why?


Damien Bowman (@damienbowman) www.damienbowman.com

Dan Zaleski (@commonmandz) www.commonmantech.com