Time and Change #1: What's The Difference?

Tonight, we'll offer any lingering thoughts from the Northwestern game and talk about the Michigan game, what it means as a fan and what it really means to Ohio State in big picture.

Does it matter:  With the Michigan loss, Nebraska and Michigan State very much control their own destiny in the Legends division (but Michigan still does also).  Both won big.  When it comes to style points in the B1G, does it matter?

Follow up on the previous, Nebraska's loss was to UCLA, who has been rolling.  They rolled over Cal, tOSU's biggest non-conference game.  From the perspective that UCLA's success make Nebraska's loss look better (maybe) and Cal's inability to score points against them, despite the surge against Ohio State.  Does this game matter?

Wisconsin beat N'western 35-6 in Madison last week.  Ohio State defeated both, but struggled a bit in Evanston.  Does the Northwestern-Wisconsin game matter?

A look ahead to Iowa, who has losses to NIU and Michigan State and didn't do the Buckeyes any favors with the L coming into this one.  What to worry about with them?  I'll bring up Weisman's talent, the challenge defending CJ Fedorowicz, Kevonte Martin-Manley, and big play threat of Damond Powell, the Toledo native.

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