13: The Goon Squad? More Like the “Gone Squad”

Tony Lastoria (@TonyIBI) of Indians Baseball Insider joins Joe Coblitz (@BRBBlog) of Burning River Baseball and Ryan Thompson (@RThompAK13) of More Than a Fan: Cleveland to discuss the Indians lineup shakeup initiated by Tito Francona, Nick Swisher’s return and potential spot in the lineup, whether Michael Bourn even belongs on the roster, the full extent of the Yan Gomes injury, the call up of Bruce Chen and starting pitching in general, and roster moves (both internally and externally) that could be made to kick the squad into gear.



  • What to do with Bourn, Murphy, Swisher; where does Swisher belong
  • The Yan Gomes Effect
  • Michael Bourn and Nick Swisher revisited, ridiculous amounts of contract money, CLE as a FA landing spot
  • Bruce Chen getting the call up, TJ House’s woohs, starting pitching in general
  • Indians offense, their inter-divisional rivals offense, call-ups/trades to change fortunes