24: Way Too Much Interplay

NOTE: We 'apologize' for the repeated usage of the word 'dick.' Sometimes those things just happen. Thanks for listening.

Joining Jim Pete (@JimPeteEHC) in their first Tribe Time Now appearances are Everybody Hates Cleveland's own Micheal Hattery (@HatmanEHC) and TTN 'czar' Damien Bowman (@damiEnbowman). The trade deadline is near and Brandon Moss is gone, what do the three stooges thing of Kaminsky? Damien unpopular thoughts about Francona and Kipnis. Mike tells you who the 'pitcher whisperer is and Jim is in an analytics driven universe.


  • The Indians are still only six games outta the wildcard, should they ‘go for it?’
  • Is the Wildcard a good thing for baseball? The Red Sox are in last, and only 8 ½ games out
  • Is this roster as good as people think, though, or is a “blow up” necessary?
  • Would you deal any of the starters to bring in a top offensive player?
  • Should the Indians make a move now, and should it be big, or should they wait?
  • Who’s the problem with the team? Ownership, Front Office, Managers, Players?


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