27: A Look Inside the Clubhouse

Mike Hattery (@HatmanEHC) of Everybody Hates Cleveland and Hayden Grove (@H_Grove) of Indians Baseball Insider discuss the various aspects of the clubhouse before and after Michael Bourn and Nick Swisher were traded to the Atlanta Braves at the trade deadline. Following, there's a DEEP discussion of the collaborate tendencies of the starting rotation and post hoc ergo propter hoc (Latin: "after this, therefore because of this").


  • The locker room after before and after Swisher-Bourn deal
  • Mike Aviles and honoring Adriana with a first pitch ceremony
  • Urshela-Lindor getting comfortable together in the big leagues
  • Jose Ramirez is really valuable to this team and how some demotions help
  • A cerebral and collaborative pitching staff
  • Trading Swisher and Bourn didn’t really change the world in which we live

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