30: Trevor Bauer's Hot Zone's and Mark Shapiro's Expatriation

Damien (@damienbowman) and Stephanie (@stephanieliscio) from It's Pronounced Lajaway talk about a myriad of topics. Why are Trevor Bauer's mechanic's so bad? Mark Shapiro is the best president the Indians have ever had. True or false? The Indians are still afraid of Miguel Cabrerra (for whatever reason). So, get ready for that this weekend. Stephanie gives us an update on Shoeless Joe Jackson and hear Damien's novel solution for Major League Baseball for those on the ineligibility list.


  • Trevor Bauer's mechanics
  • Indians vs. Tigers preview
  • Mark Shapiro/Toronto Blue Jays
  • Dolan family control of the Indians
  • Shoeless Joe Jackson
  • Pete Rose vs. Rob Manfred


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