35: Ryan Raburn: Key to World Series Victory?

Joe Coblitz (@BRBBlog) of Burning River Baseball is joined early by Britt Zank (@zank17) of More Than A Fan for some World Series talk. Regular guests Bob Toth (@TheBobToth) Did The Tribe Win Last Night? and Caitlin Boron (@cle_ItIsGone) also of Burning River Baseball stop by to chat about the removal of Ryan Raburn, the front office war of words and some possible free agent upgrades for the Tribe.


  • Royals v. Mets with Britt Zank
  • Alex Anthopoulos v. Mark Shapiro & Prospect Hoarding
  • Relinquishing Ryan Raburn
  • Possible Free Agent Upgrades
  • Can any Indians win anything?

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