37: Hittin’ on Napoli and Davis, Missing on Frazier?

Stephanie Liscio (@StephanieLiscio) of It's Pronounced "Lajaway", and Bob Toth (@theBobToth) of Did The Tribe Win Last Night? join Jim Pete (@JimPeteEHC) of Everybody Hates Cleveland to talk about the @Indians making their first waves of the 2015/2016 Hot Stove Season by signing OF Rajai Davis and 1B/DH Mike Napoli. Are they the real deal, place holders or busts? Will the Indians make any more moves, or are they committed to holding out for Bradley Zimmer, Clint Frazier and Tyler Naquin?


  • Is Mike Napoli any good, or is he just old?
  • How good is the Indians infield defense with Napoli at first?
  • Is Rajai Davis any good, or is he just old?
  • What if Napoli and Davis are just the last year of Swisher and Bourn?
  • Are the Indians waiting on the prospects, or about to make a major move?
  • Isn’t it time to root in and reward this rotation by pushing the chips in?


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