48: Killing Carrasco's No-No

It's Prounounced Lajaway's Stephanie Liscio (@stephanieliscio) joins Everybody Hates Cleveland Jim Pete (@jimpeteehc) in this early season celebration of Cleveland Indians' baseball. While the Indians clearly are still mis-matched because of Brantley's and Chisenhall's minor league foray, the line-up seems to have acquired some 'professional hitters.' No, it's not perfect, but there are these moments in which brighter days could be coming. They discuss drones, bullpen woes, too early discussions about EVERYTHING, and opine about the greatness of this Indians' rotation, and the wondrous Mickey Callaway. Oh, and Jim ruined any No-Hitter shot Carrasco had against Tampa.


  • Deep Counts and Professional Hitters
  • Marlon Byrd and his 45-day clause are in trouble
  • Everything in baseball must be prefaced
  • Trevor Bauer drone 1, Chicago Scoreboard 0
  • Bauer is a terrible drone flier
  • The rotation is special
  • Mickey Callaway is specialer


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