9: It's @BRBBlog Dammit

After finally hashing out the correct twitter handle for our guest, Ryan (@RThompAK13) from More Than a Fan: Cleveland and Joe (@BRBBlog) from Burning River Baseball get down to brass tax regarding Corey Kluber, Carlos Carrasco, Game 1 & 2, and discuss the economics of sports in this week's episode of the Tribe Time Now podcast!

In tonight's podcast we discuss:

  1. Game 1
    1. The team against left-handed pitching
  2. Game 2
    1. lineups and substitutions because of Brantley’s absence
    2. Argument for Tyler Holt and Jesus Aguilar on team ^
  3. Ryan Raburn, sports economics and decision theory
    1. Sports economics as it pertains to Ryan Raburn
    2. Why is Raburn in the 7 hole?
    3. strategy as it pertains to the batting order
    4. How jose altuve changes the game as it pertains to run creation
    5. big strike zone in game 1
  4. Chuck @familyman2016
    1. “I doubt we will win 90 games but I really really hope I'm wrong about that, Cleveland is no longer a Baseball city, I hate it”
  5. Kluber Carrasco deals and the economics around the deals