Extra Innings 1: Right Handed Power Bat

Can’t get enough of the Tribe Time Now podcast?

Lucky for you, we can’t get either! Our new columnist (Jake Altman; @shakeandjake7) and I will be doing a weekly feature called Tribe Time Now: Extra Innings in which we talk about the week that was in Tribe baseball in addition to trends and hot topics around the major leagues.

You can catch it here on MTAF: Cleveland as well as TribeTimeNow.com. We will also do our due diligence to tweet it out at different times of the day when it is released so you ALWAYS know where to find a link!

Below, here are the topics we covered on the inaugural episode of Extra Innings:

  1. MLB Breaking News
    1. Ervin Santana suspension
    2. Josh Hamilton PED getting off from self-reported drug relapse
  2. Starting rotation
    1. Kluber
    2. Carrasco
    3. Bauer
    4. Z-Mac
    5. TJ House
  3. Indians lineup/starting 9
    1. Lineup as discussed on TTN Roundtable II
      1. Changes?
        1. Kipnis moving up and down
      2. Left side of infield
        1. Jose Ramirez
        2. Lonnie Chisenhall
        3. Where does Lindor fit in, and when
  4. Outfield
    1. Michael Bourn
      1. offense and defense
    2. Brandon Moss
      1. offense and defense
    3. Right handed power bat?
  5. Coming up on MTAF: Cleveland
    1. For Jake
      1. Jake’s recent article synopsis