Do You Wahoo? 6: Hutchison, Flagner and Guerrieri

The final regular season episode of Do You Wahoo? saw as much drama and intrigue as any of the previous episodes. Joe Coblitz (@BRBBlog) from Burning River Baseball hosts with John Hutchison (@JohnArthurHutch), also of Burning River, Josh Flagner (@Railbirdj) of More Than a Fan and Vince Guerrieri (@vinceguerrieri) of Did the Tribe Win Last Night? as they compete for the final two play-off spots.


  • Opening Round: Postseason Hits & Single Season K's
  • Was it Me? Charlie Nagy
  • Line-Up Card: 1997 & 2007
  • Odd Man Out: 90's Fielders & Rookie Sensations
  • Remember When? Power!

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