Weekend Update 16: Good lord, Sands and Chisenhall to the rescue…

The Cleveland Indians cleared up space in right field so they could start giving their youngsters a shot over the next two months, right? So of course, that means the Indians call up both Jerry Sands and Lonnie Chisenhall as replacements. Now that Jason Kipnis is going on the DL, will Francona keep his eight man pen? Now that Kyle Crockett is coming up, as is Jose Ramirez, will the roster construction allow the team to give Ramsey a shot, as well as Naquin, or are we stuck with the same ole’, same ole?



  • What’s worse, the Indians offense, or talking about the Indians offense?
  • If Kipnis goes on the DL, how bad is this going to get?
  • With the current roster construction, who really needs to be on this roster, and who doesn’t?
  • Let’s talk fringe guys…Chisenhall and Sands and JRam and Aviles and Raburn
  • What’s more likely to happen? The Indians trade a starter for offense, or bank on Zimmer?
  • Starters…how good are they?


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