Weekend Update 18: Back to Their Old Ways

Bob Toth (@TheBobToth) of Did The Tribe Win Last Night? joins Ryan Thompson (@RThompAK13) of More Than a Fan: Cleveland for the 18th edition of the Tribe Time Now Weekend Update! In this episode, Bob and Ryan discuss the weekend series against Minnesota, the upcoming grind against the AL East, the topsy-turviness of the AL West, the Cubs doing well (!), the similarities between the Cardinals and Patriots, Josh Tomlin’s first start in ’15, and the enigma that is Trevor Bauer!


  • Indians at Twins
  • Boston and New York Series Preview
  • What happened to the Angels and the topsy-turviness of the AL West
  • How about the Cubbies and more on the NL Central
  • St. Louis – The New England Patriots of Baseball (And the Giants too!)
  • Josh Tomlin, his first start off IR, and the loss of his fresh salad (hair)
  • Trevor Bauer, hip and facial hair stacking, interviewing, and being smarter than all

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