Weekend Update 25: Nino and Noah Complain About the Weather (And talk a little Tribe)

Noah Gross (@noah_gross27) from It's Pronounced 'Lajaway' and Nino Colla (@snarkynino) from Everybody Hates Cleveland talk about how atrocious the weather has been. Also, they discuss Bryan Shaw doing Bryan Shaw things. Trevor Bauer is discussed as a potential eighth inning guy, among others. The offense has been up and down, and the guys analyze the lineup as a whole, as well as those who have already overstayed their welcome (Colin Cowgill).


  • Weather
  • Starting Staff
  • Bullpen Usage
  • Trevor Bauer
  • Lineup Decisions
  • Jose Ramirez
  • Sliding Rule
  • Mound Visit Clock


Why I Don't Like the Indians Home Opener [Nino Colla/Everybody Hates Cleveland]

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